We strongly believe that home birth  is a safe and viable option for most women experiencing a healthy, low-risk pregnancy.  We compliment traditional birth practices with high quality medical supervision and technology to ensure satisfying and positive outcomes, in the comfort of your own home.

A Positive Beginning employs a “task sharing” approach to home birth, meaning that two, Florida state licensed, experienced Midwives attend each labor and birth that we oversee.  This care model supports both the Midwife and birthing family, creating an environment of collaboration and oversight that increases skill and safety for all.

Midwives arrive to your home, when you’re ready.  We enter the birthing environment quietly, in a role of observation while obtaining vital signs and determining fetal well-being.  While you are laboring freely in your home, eating and drinking foods and beverages that you’ve chosen, the Midwife is arranging her medications and equipment, in preparation for the delivery.  You are truly the director of the events, and we are happy to follow your lead, unless it becomes necessary for us to make recommendations.

Our home birth services include all prenatal care, routine lab testing, fetal anatomy scan in your home, inflatable birth pool, care and support throughout your birth and immediate postpartum period, breastfeeding guidance, and postpartum care for the inclusive cost of $6,000.

We gladly accept all healthcare sharing programs, and “cash pay” clients.  At this time, we are not considered an “in network” provider with any commercial health insurance companies.  We will, however, provide assistance to you in obtaining a Coverage Gap Exception. Most importantly, we are interested in removing barriers to access the care you desire.  We are happy to work with families, catering to their unique financial needs and talents.

During your consultation a  health questionnaire will be completed to determine your eligibility for a home birth.